Mountain Health CO-OP

Mountain Health CO-OP is a Montana-based health insurance company serving individuals and businesses in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. They differentiate themselves from the big conglomerates by being member-owned, responsive and cost-conscious. For example, 90% of their members play less than $50 a month in premiums.

The Challenge

Our directive was to increase health insurance enrollment, most notably during the open enrollment period November 1 – December 15 in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. We also worked to drive awareness to new product offerings for existing members and market to health insurance agents who could become CO-OP evangelists. 

What We Did

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Health Insurance Explained

The Approach

A personalized landing page was designed specifically for each audience’s needs and location.

Ad designs were created for each persona and launched on relevant platforms. We segmented targeting by age, location and other characteristics to capture people shopping for health insurance.

Billboards, print and radio ads were produced for local audiences.

Approachable, informative videos and animations were developed to help consumers feel confident about shopping for health insurance.

results by the numbers

phase 1: Sept-Oct

advertising impressions


Advertising Clicks


podcast downloads & video views


social media impressions


social media engagement


wyoming radio spots aired


Billboard installations


Campaign Taglines

Keeping You Covered When It Counts

Say Hello to Your New Health Insurance

Ad Platforms Used


Picking health insurance is a highly personal decision. There is no one-size-fits-all option and there are many personas we had to target with specific messaging.

Audiences Included:

  • Families with new children
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independent contractors
  • People with pre-existing conditions

Health insurance is complicated. To help tell the story of people before profits, we showed potential members how to better understand the value through fun and informative animations.