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open position: Missoula, Montana.

Business Development Internship

About Our Team

Pintler Group is not your average marketing firm. We partner with the clients we work with to feel as invested in their growth and success as they do. In many ways, we become an extension of their marketing team. The fun part? We get to do this in industries ranging from ecommerce to B2B lead generation and everything in between.

We are performance marketers. What does that mean?

We measure our campaigns based on results, not by how we think an idea did or how we feel the campaign was received. Under one roof, we execute quickly and are experts in converting website visitors into website customers. We have an internal podcast, YouTube channel and blog. There are days when we jump on a client zoom: each of us delivers the results from our verticals. There are days that we are heads-down building campaigns, dashboards and hitting our heads against the wall getting a conversion pixel to fire! We are always trying to learn and delight our clients.

about you

As demand for Pintler Group’s results-driven approach to digital marketing increases, so too does our need to add amazing people to our team. Our small-but-mighty crew of experts delights the clients we work with through highly focused digital marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work on impactful projects, develop strategies for clients of all sizes and verticals and learn fast: this position is for you.

What You'll Do:

  • Position Responsibilities Include:

    • Social Media Management: 
      • Social Media Content Creation for in-house SaaS products
      • Managing social media accounts for clients ranging from economic development to e-commerce. This includes Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and any others that make sense for the client’s target demographic. 
      • Organizing online events: webinars, Slack Groups + Meetups. 
    • Inbound Marketing:
      • Helping to write weekly newsletter copy.  
      • Collaborating with our paid acquisition specialist to support campaign efforts.  
      • Using Mailchimp and other customer relationship management software to help us improve communication after acquiring a lead or a customer. 
    • Content Marketing:
      • Writing marketing-focused articles for Pintler Group and our internal software products: blogs and web-page content.
      •  Measuring the results of campaigns and reporting findings to clients.
      • Being the point person for our in-house content engine: video, podcast production and blog writing schedules. 
      • Keeping up with SEO trends and helping clients improve organic search position through content. 
      • Copywriting for client websites using WordPress editor. 
      • Using fun social media post generators (slideshows, simple video edits, quote-cards)
Who You Are

It is very much our intention to have the digital marketing intern position be a crucial part of the team which also includes feedback and brainstorming outside of the marketing management realm. 

    • You’re a self-starter. 
    • You like to work hard and surround yourself with people that share your work ethic. 
    • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and think of ways to do things better. 
    • You want to learn fast in a culture that rewards hard work and focus. 
    • You want to be part of a growing company and improve marketing skills rapidly.
    • You want to contribute to a company’s growth and see your marketing efforts directly impact client success. 
    • You are comfortable doing tutorial videos and perhaps even hosting a specific podcast about content marketing in 2021.
    • You can hit the ground running: onboarding, of course, but also stepping into the driver’s seat on campaigns in your first few weeks. 
    • You’re familiar with email marketing and triggering emails to deliver results.
    • You have a couple of years experience in the “real world.”
    • You have experience “making stuff” online.

    Software We Use: 

    • Mailchimp
    • WordPress
    • Google Analytics
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Google Data Studio
    • Google Business Suite
    • Trello
    • iMovie
    • Buffer Social Calendar
    • Zapier
    • Headliner
    • Fireside (Podcasting Software)

Other Duties As Assigned:  

We’re looking for someone that can commit to at least 15 hours per week. Drum Coffee is within shouting distance of our office. We are located away from the downtown headaches of parking while being close enough to tap rooms and restaurants to have plenty of options (at least before the global pandemic!)