Email Case Study

Selling Seasonal Products

When tasked with increasing sales year-over-year for our clients, we take time to consider all of our services to develop a perfectly planed campaign that will allow us to meet and exceed our clients' goals. Here is an example of how one piece of a campaign, email, played a large roll in increasing year-over-year sales of a seasonal product,


Promote and sell a seasonal product as an add on to the purchases these customers already make on a regular basis. Our goal was to increase sales year-over-year to sell out the limited quantity product.


We sent a series of “pre-order” opportunity emails to our email subscriber list while continuing to send the regular weekly newsletter. These emails contained a mix of educational and urgency copy.


We planned a seven part email campaign that was sent over a month and a half. Within each of the seven parts, the emails were were personalized and sent to segments of subscribers based on buyer history and interaction. These emails expressed exclusivity and urgency as well as educated the recipients about the product. During this time period, only people on the email list had access to the product as it was being sold exclusively through a link that could only be found in one of these emails.


Not only did we increase year-over-year sales, but the product was sold out two weeks before the end of the email campaign when it would have been put onto an e-commerce site available to the public. Overall, year over year sales increased by 150%. Email subscribers also increased their purchasing of related items such as packaging and other products. Many subscribers who had yet to order from the site took the plunge and made their first purchase.

An example of the sale announcement email sent to people who had purchased this specific product in past years.

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