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Our Team

Full Enterprise Marketing Team

Every campaign has multiple layers which is why each team member operates in a vertical where they are the specialist.

That’s why our Paid Acquisition Specialist is rooting for our Social Media Manager to get thousands of shares on a post.

Kyle Pucko

Brand Development

Kyle has been managing robust digital campaigns for some of the largest brands in the country since 2008. Beginning with creating one of the first higher-ed retargeting campaigns in the industry.

The results were remarkable and Kyle quickly realized this was something he could help other companies use to improve their online presence.

Shawn Nicholls

Client Management
Email Marketing

Shawn is the glue combining the strategies of each individual project in this scope of work into one cohesive effort. The maestro! Identifying personas for each campaign using website data and your team’s expertise, we create the awareness goal and begin building our marketing framework.

With a decade of digital marketing management in the book publishing industry and two years in Montana, Shawn brings a strong foundation of campaign management, strategy and traditional marketing skills to any project. 

McKenna Cramer

Content Specialist

McKenna joins our team after receiving tremendous experience in social media management working with the Humane Society of Montana and Arts Missoula. Social media strategy is constantly changing but one thing remains the same: having a professional presence online depends on social media mastery. McKenna keeps up with all of the recent social media trends, features and platforms depending on the audience we’re wanting to reach.

The Pintler Group Advantage

When you work with our team, it comes with a huge advantage.​

Gone are the days of hiring armies of contractors and freelancers to design your website, film video, print brochures or take pictures.

In the last five years, we’ve built an umbrella of services to act as a marketing quiver. We build your marketing strategy around the services that you need.

Advantage One

Five Years. Not Fifty.

We’re a team that’s ambitious, hungry to serve Montana clients as they grow and we have impeccable client retention. We’ve been moving quickly and adapting to marketing for the last five years, not fifty: and to us, that’s a real advantage.

Advantage Two

Opportunity in a Traditional Space to Own the Internet

Power begets power. Our superpower
is helping companies own the internet
in their vertical. 

Advantage Three

Digital + Traditional

We do both. Sure, we can talk about flashy online targeting: but we can also back that up with print campaigns, targeted mailing and billboards targeting new states.

Digital informs the work we do from a traditional marketing perspective. Website analytics tell us where to place billboards. Email subscribers build our direct-mail list and zip-code targeting assists awareness for on-the-ground sales.

Advantage Four

Your Marketing Team

When you work with Pintler Group, your team hires our team to be your marketing eyes and ears. We test new online targeting software, we brainstorm video topics and we make sure new product launches are seen by everyone in your industry.

Interested in working with us?